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In a small internal network, computers get the orders from the network server and resolve IP network needs. But what if the network expands? For example, a case in which all computers are connected to a network via the internet?! The answer is simple; the same procedure will take place because the basics won’t change.  When it comes to the internet the server is a group of computers that are always ON and available. So, the question is where are these severs?
Short answer: In data centers. These data centers are special locations around the world that are used to maintain servers, control the network quality, component support, and required software installations. In other words, data centers provide uninterrupted and high-quality use of servers. Among the most important data centers around the world, the following are the most famous ones:
· Equinix Datacenter
· Hetzner Datacenter
· OVH Datacenter
· iWeb Datacenter
· Softlayer Data center owned by IBM
· AWS Datacenter (Amazon Web Services)
· Azure Datacenter owned by Microsoft
These servers can be bought from different sites and companies. There is one question you may ask yourself! Why Google isn’t in the above data centers list? Actually, Google has its own data centers collection around the world which is dedicated to its own services. Below, you can find a map locating Google’s data centers.

What are the different types of servers?
Generally, there are two types of servers; Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers.
Dedicated Server
As the name suggests Dedicated servers are those servers that are dedicated to one service. Take big online shops as an example. They use Dedicated servers and as a result, they have the advantage of having all server options under their control. The other advantage of using Dedicated servers is the fact that you will have direct access to hard drives even if you are encountering hardware or software failure.
The hardware used for this kind of server is pretty powerful! For example, take a look at the weakest Dedicated server in Hetzner; even though it’s the weakest, it uses an AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600 Hexa-Core processor with 64G of ram. Of course, we won’t suggest this kind of server for minor services! The best option for them is to go for Virtual servers.
Dedicated servers are usually expensive and buying their hardware will cost you more than 4000$! However, you can use Colocation and only pay the maintenance fee; but you must bear in mind that because of maintenance expenses, Data centers buy one server and rent it to multiple users.
Virtual Private Server
 The other type of server is called Virtual Private Server or VPS. These kinds of servers are small parts of a Dedicated server and are used by one service. The biggest advantage of using  Virtual private servers is the fact that you can buy them at a lower price. However, the hardware used for these servers is shared between them which means hardware failure will result in all services failure. Another drawback is that the main admin has access to all Virtual servers’ info. Therefore, VPS servers are not suggested to businesses dealing with important info.

Why it’s important to use a Dedicated server?
The most crucial issue in financial matters is security. Financial security and information security are some of the most important parts of any business. Using secure and reliable Datacenters is critical to financial businesses such as Launching a full node cryptocurrency.
There is another important matter to consider when buying or renting a server and it’s the server’s support!
In today’s world where digital currencies are growing at a fast pace, we need servers to improve the performance and lift the sanctions. If you are planning to launch a full node digital currency, we suggest you buy a dedicated server. This way, you would do your job without being worried about security or support.
What is a full node?
Generally speaking, every device in a digital currency network is called a Node. Those Nodes which are directly connected to blockchain and have accepted all the rules of it are called Full Node. Usually, you will need Bitcoin Core software to set up a Full nfullode for Bitcoin.
Full Node wallets have a higher security level compared to Light Nods. The Light Nodes may confirm transactions that are not confirmed! Which means a disaster for any kind of financial business. Therefore, it is suggested to use full nodes for commercials and day-to-day use.

Full Nods are capable of providing some service to other networks. Among these services, which are also useful for light nodes, the following can be mentioned:
· Light Nodes use Full Nods to form a transaction. Therefore, by having a Full Node in the network, the Light Node won’t need to download the whole ledger to form a transaction.
· Full Nodes have the ability to share the new blocks with the Nodes that were offline for some time.
· Transactions would transfer from users to miners
· Those transactions which are formed by miners would get shared with other Nodes
Buy Dedicated or Virtual server from Ozone
 Ozon organization provides different types of Digital currency Nodes. With Ozon, you will have access to a Dedicated Node and a safe wallet which is secured by Full Node security.
The Ozon organization is a secure network for your transactions and provides you with the following benefits:
· Using one server instead of multiple servers
· Having a dedicated wallet with so many options such as paying in dollars via Visa card
· The ability to use your server as a binance server
· Having access to the information about the blockchain network in which you are trading
· The ability to access all blocks information and transactions on the network
In Ozon, there are three plans for buying a Full Node server: Collective node server, Dedicated node server, and Commercial node server. Furthermore, you can provide all these services to your customers who need the Full node system’s facilities.
If you want to have your own Dedicated nodes and give them the software capabilities you want, or if you want to buy a server for matters related to binance trading business or similar cases, be sure to contact the Ozon support and consulting team at Stay in touch!
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