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EDD Phone Number Problems

The EDD is a government agency that offers public service in many languages. Its phone numbers are listed on the city’s website, and Assemblyman David Chiu has been working to pass a bill that would increase access to the non-English speaking population. Though the EDD has several lines and operators, many viewers are fed up with being put on hold or hung up on. The number of people calling the EDD’s phone line is often cited as one of the top complaints from viewers.


It’s no secret that the EDD has a phone number problem. The number goes unanswered on average eight times a day, and in the first week of August alone, 161,000 calls were answered by live representatives. During that same week, nearly one million people tried to call the agency, but 84 percent of calls went unanswered. One such caller, Sierra Beck, has been calling the EDD for weeks, but has had no luck. She called at 8:01 a.m. to get through, only to get a recording that said the call center was overloaded. After waiting an hour and a half, she finally got through. But even then, her questions are unanswered.

Many users have complained of the lack of customer service and the confusion created by the company’s lack of phone support. This problem is compounded by the fact that a number of people work for EDD. It’s impossible to verify the validity of each application without a phone number, which causes delays. Newsom has said the state is working to increase staffing, but that still doesn’t guarantee the number of employees who will answer calls. Luckily, there are other options.


The EDD phone line is often overloaded and experiencing problems. The website states that “we are having problems” and that “the system is experiencing high demand.” According to an EDD spokesperson, this is due to the overwhelming demand on the system. A spokesperson for the EDD says it takes months to train a person to be a claims representative. While most claims representatives answer questions on the EDD’s FAQ website, it’s still not enough to deal with the volume of calls.

Fraud division

The EDD’s Fraud Division is always available to answer your questions. It is especially important to keep your personal information confidential in order to protect yourself from scammers. Scammers often pose as banks, stores, or government agencies in an attempt to steal your personal information. These scammers may use this information to file false benefit claims. It is important to call the EDD Fraud Division phone number as soon as you suspect a scam.

The EDD is responsible for administering one of the nation’s largest public benefit systems. In the past decade, over 20 million people filed for unemployment benefits, disability insurance, or paid family leave. In the most recent fiscal quarters, EDD employees prepared and mailed 45 million documents for customers. During the recent influenza pandemic, the EDD mailed as many as 600,000 documents each day. By providing this high level of customer service, Californians can be assured that their claims will be processed accurately and expediently.


If you’re looking for a way to contact EDD, you’ve probably already tried its phone number. The system is notoriously overloaded, and calling can take a while. That’s because EDD staff are not trained to handle claims, and customers complain that they’re not even aware of the problem. You might find yourself arguing with a bot to solve your problem. That’s not a solution, though.



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