Graham School Jobs

Graham School of Dance Jobs

There are several different job titles at the Graham School of Dance. Depending on your qualifications and experience, you may be the next Human Resources Manager, Director of educational programs, or Representative to external associates. If you’re passionate about the arts, you might consider this position. In this article, you’ll learn about a few of the most popular and challenging roles at the school. Hopefully, you can find one that fits your personality and interests.

Human Resources Manager

The Human Resources Manager at the prestigious Graham School is responsible for a broad range of operational activities. She is responsible for assisting hiring managers with their recruitment efforts, acting as a guide and strategist in the recruitment process. The role also involves collaborating with the University’s central human resources team on personnel matters such as profile selection and job leveling. In addition to managing HR-related projects, the Human Resources Manager is responsible for preparing and administering the annual Human Resources budget, managing the variance of the budget and keeping employment expenses within the limits set.

Prior to joining the Graham School, Graham held various HR positions in the DC area, including directing HR at the Heinz Center and the African Wildlife Foundation. She has also served as a consultant for several NGOs. She is also active in the Boys and Girls of America and Carson Scholars Foundation, which provides scholarships to students who have demonstrated academic excellence. In addition to her role at the Graham School, Graham also has a strong commitment to the community.


The Board of Directors of the Graham School approved an employment agreement with Judith Schlosser in 1966. In addition to setting her salary, it approved and licensed Graham’s dances. The board also supervised her activities and set spending limits. Judith Schlosser testified credibly that she frequently requested additional rehearsal time and funds from the Board. This practice allegedly limited Graham’s activities. While her tenure at the School was short, Graham’s responsibilities were lengthy.

After Pease’s investigation, the Center’s board approved the report. Although Graham’s board members were not happy with the results, they did approve it. The board also approved the report, which was subsequently presented to the Graham School’s board of directors. In fact, Pease was a credible and forthcoming witness at the trial. This evidence was vital for the Center’s defense at the trial. In addition to his voluminous documents, Pease also gave testimony in his own defense.

Director of educational programs

The Director of Educational Programs is a role that many educators relish. Her previous roles at the school include serving as faculty chair of the Middle School Science Department and as a middle school science liaison. She also served on the Richland District Two Superintendent’s Design Team, and the Hand Middle School SIC Committee. Her experience includes advising, planning, and evaluating school-wide programs, including the Graham School’s Advanced Placement program.

The Director of Educational Programs oversees all aspects of the school, including the hiring of teachers, coordinating accompanists, and developing the curriculum. This position also communicates with the marketing and development staff at the Center Graham. The Director of Educational Programs also represents the school to external associates. The Director of Educational Programs at the Graham School must possess significant experience as a leader of an educational program, a master’s degree in education or the arts, and an abiding passion for the arts.

Representative to external associates

As the Representative to External Associates of the Graham School, you will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the school. The Graham School is a public school located on the historic Graham Campus on the Hudson River. It is a fully accredited institution that offers comprehensive special education programs in small classes. The curriculum at the Graham School is challenging, yet personalized and embedded in a supportive, emotional environment. Students who are unable to finish school in the normal time may spend an extra period of time to make up for lost credits.

The Representative to External Associates position requires senior-level leadership experience in educational programs, experience leading an arts organization, and an advanced degree in education or the arts. Candidates should have administrative experience, as well as a genuine love for the arts. In addition to demonstrating leadership potential, applicants must also have a passion for the arts and a commitment to the school’s mission. Although this position is a senior-level one, the duties are equally important to the Dean of the school.



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