HCL Tech acquires Hungarian data engineering services company Starschema – Mint

  • Starschema provides consulting, technology and data engineering services to global 2,000 companies in the US and Europe

HCL Technologies (HCL) today announced it signed a definitive agreement for the acquisition of Hungarian data engineering services company Starschema for an undisclosed amount.
“The strategic acquisition will bolster HCL’s capability in digital engineering — driven by data engineering — and increase its presence in Central and Eastern Europe,” the company said in a filing.
Starschema provides consulting, technology and managed services in data engineering to global 2,000 companies in the US and Europe.
The acquisition combines Starschema’s high-value capabilities and data-focused expertise with HCL’s existing presence in industry segments undergoing data-driven transformation. In addition, HCL will strengthen its position in data engineering, which is an integral part of the company’s digital engineering
capabilities and next-generation offerings, the company further said.
“Joining HCL will enable us to keep our strategic focus and expand our data engineering capacity to provide a greater breadth and depth of services to clients,” said Tamas Foldi, Founder and CEO, Starschema.
“As part of HCL’s full spectrum of technology services, we will leverage our expertise in data engineering and emerging data technologies to solve companies’ data challenges, through building fast, scalable solutions that make people more effective and companies more profitable. This strategic move also represents exemplary career growth opportunities for our people,” Tamas Foldi added.
“Starschema will strengthen our data engineering capabilities, providing us with the ability to leverage its solutions and talent in Central and Eastern Europe,” said Vijay Guntur, President, Engineering and R&D Services, HCL Tech.
“Starschema’s capabilities will further scale HCL’s data engineering competencies at our integrated delivery centers across the world. Engineering talent will continue to remain in high demand, and Starschema offers a specialized talent pool in a strategic growth area for HCL. Following the acquisition, HCL will be able to offer data engineering consulting and near-shore access to digital engineering services to a wide base of clients,” Vijay said.
On Friday, HCL Tech scrip closed 0.32% lower at 1,330 on NSE.
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