Thriller 4K Vinegar Syndrome Review

Vinegar Syndrome Review

William Malone’s horror exploitation masterpiece SCARED TO DEATH was shot on 16mm film, but the elusive movie never received an official disc release. It spent years in obscurity, only being available on muddy VHS copies. Now, Vinegar Syndrome is excited to bring this slasher classic to Blu-ray in 4K restoration of the original 16mm camera negative and with newly produced extras.

Thriller is a Swedish exploitation film

Thriller is a Swedish rape-and-revenge exploitation film that was released in 1973. It was directed by Bo Arne Vibenius and starred Christina Lindberg and Heinz Hopf. It’s considered one of Sweden’s most brutal films and is still viewed by many to this day.

Thriller is one of the most infamous Scandinavian exploitation films. The movie is scheduled to be screened from a brand new 4K print at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas, on November 11th. The film will also be accompanied by a signing session where Christina Lindberg will sign photos for fans.

It’s shot on 16 mm film

This chilling movie is shot on 16 mm film and is a classic example of outsider art horror filmmaking. It features eerie and surreal dialogue, stop-motion animation, and homemade gore effects. The original 16 mm film elements are remastered for this Blu-ray release. It also includes a making-of documentary, cast and crew interviews, and a post-screening Q&A.

Vinegar Syndrome occurs when a film’s safety film base deteriorates and the film loses detail. Untreated film can be permanently damaged, making it impossible to transfer the film. In addition to the film itself suffering damage, the acidic vapors produced by the breakdown of the film base can contaminate nearby film that isn’t affected. This will dramatically reduce the film’s lifespan.

It’s available on 4K UHD

If you are looking for a new thriller to watch, you may be excited to hear that Vinegar Syndrome is finally being released on 4K UHD. The film was recently restored from 16mm A/B rolls to 4K, and will feature exclusive interviews and other extras. The movie is available for purchase on DVD and Blu-ray.

The Vinegar Syndrome thriller has been getting regular re-releases, but this latest release is the first time that it has been re-mastered in 4K. It is the definitive version of this classic Thriller, thanks to the pristine 4K restoration of the 16mm camera negative. In addition to restoring the film, Vinegar Syndrome has included previously unreleased footage.

It’s available on Blu-ray

Synapse Films recently announced the 4K Blu-ray release of the spooky thriller, “The Thriller – A Cruel Picture.” The film’s Blu-ray release will be slightly different than the film’s DVD release, and will include a censored US cut of the film and the extras included on the 2-Disc edition.

The thriller 4k vinegar syndrome is available on both Blu-ray and UHD. The production team restored the film in 4K from the 16mm A/B rolls. The resulting picture is a stunning upgrade. It features vivid colors and an impressive array of extras. This is the most definitive version of the film available on home video.

It’s available on UHD

If you have been waiting for the 4K restoration of the Swedish horror film Thriller, you’re in luck. The UHD release of the movie comes with a bunch of supplements, including two different cuts of the movie. The first, called the “uncut festival edition,” features the original 16mm camera negative and an English dub. There’s also a commentary track by film critic Alexander Heller-Nicholas, along with alternate scenes and reduced sexual content.

Vinegar Syndrome, the quirky Blu-ray label, has unveiled a bunch of quirky titles for the summer. One of these is a three-disc UHD/Blu-ray package of the 1973 thriller “A Cruel Picture.” This is an excellent upgrade from the DVD, and comes with tons of extras.



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