William Shatner Net Worth

William Shatner Net Worth

When considering William Shatner’s net worth, you need to take into account his total assets and liabilities. This includes his cash deposits and investments, as well as his equity in cars and houses. He also has debts, which are reflected in his total liabilities. As of the time of publication, this actor has an estimated net worth of $36 million.

Star Trek actor

William Shatner is a Canadian actor with a career that spans over seven decades. He is most recognized for playing the role of Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise. The actor made his screen debut in the franchise’s premiere in 1965.


William Shatner’s net worth is estimated to be about $100 million. This amount is based on his acting career and more than 60 film and television roles. He also has assets, such as cash deposits, investments, and his equity in a house or car.


As a television and film actor, William Shatner has earned a huge net worth for his career. He is well known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk in the “Star Trek” franchise. His annual salary is reported to be around $5 million and he is currently working on the crew of Blue Origin’s New Shepard spaceship.

Horse breeder

William Shatner has owned several horse farms in central Kentucky since the early 1980s. He has residences in both Lexington and Studio City, California. Although he hasn’t responded to the lawsuit yet, it is not the first time Shatner has been sued for breeding horses. In 1990, a former associate sued him over the ownership of Sultan’s Great Day, a champion fine harness horse. The suit claimed that Mr. Shatner broke a contract to breed the horse. Shatner denied any contract and won the case.

69 years in film industry

William Shatner has been in the film industry for 69 years. Although he has often landed small roles in lesser-known films, he has consistently managed to garner attention from the critics. In addition to starring in films, Shatner has also participated in television series.

Four marriages

Actor William Shatner has been married four times. His first marriage was to a Canadian actress, Gloria Rand. The couple had three daughters. However, they divorced in March 1969. Shatner is currently single and living in Lebanon, Indiana.

$600 million off Priceline

A recent article in the Toronto Sun suggests that William Shatner’s net worth may be $600 million, based on the amount of money he has made off of Priceline. The CEO of the travel company, Jeffrey Boyd, has defended Shatner’s involvement in the company, arguing that the actor bought most of his shares at a low price.



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